With Smooth Hand Feel Without Friction, Combed Cotton Makes This Handkerchief Not Just for Gentlemen

Keeping a handkerchief in your pocket is the trademark of a gentleman. And this trademark isn’t developed overnight, but it has been followed for ages. Women carry a purse along with them where they carry all of the essential items that they need throughout the day, and men don’t. The one item that a man needs is a handkerchief to dab their forehead, start tearing up, snot running out your nose, etc. 

Men don’t have many options to carry as accessories, and among the very few options, they carry a handkerchief along with them. Especially when on any formal occasions where there is less chance of getting tissue paper, it is a must for a man to carry a handkerchief. For personal hygiene purposes carrying a handkerchief is always a good option. 

Let’s have a look at the pack of men’s vintage cotton handkerchiefs that we have found for our classic gentlemen.

Men’s Vintage Handkerchief

When you carry a handkerchief with you, you don’t have to struggle to look out for tissue paper when you are on occasion. Plus, carrying a handkerchief shows your self-awareness. This product is a pack of four to five pieces of cotton handkerchiefs that will suit our gentlemen. The width of these handkerchiefs is 38cm, and the length is also 38cm making it a perfect square shape. These handkerchiefs have a plaid pattern type that gives them vintage vibes. 

The material used in making these handkerchiefs are pure cotton. Cotton suits the best for skin and absorbing sweat, and wiping off the dirt from the face real quick. No one can tell you specifically why you should carry a handkerchief with you. The most important reason is for self-care, and the other is to offer it to a lady sobbing to try to get a bit closer. You never know which trick works the best for you. 

Anyways get these amazing sets of handkerchiefs at a reasonable price to spend your money on something that you require the most. 


  • Brand Name: YJSFG HOUSE
  • Gender: MEN
  • Material: COTTON
  • Department Name: Adult
  • Item Width: 38
  • Item Length: 38
  • Item Type: Handkerchiefs
  • Style: Fashion
  • Pattern Type: Plaid


  • These are cotton handkerchiefs that are good for the environment as well as your skin. 
  • Cotton handkerchiefs are cheaper, and one can use them again and again. 
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  • Cotton handkerchiefs tend to get damp after several uses, especially in summers. 


This article was about vintage cotton handkerchiefs that are gentle on the skin, especially nostrils. Besides all the factors that say that tissues are better and hygienic, a handkerchief is a personal belonging of a person used by him, and tissues case it used with everyone around. On extremely hot days, you can use a handkerchief immersed in cold water and put it around your neck to relieve yourself. 

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