Why You Should Save In The National Pension Scheme for NRIs

national pension scheme for nris

Saving into pension may seem confusing, but it really is simple enough. Life after retirement is something you should start planning way before retiring. Being out of money in your retirement years shouldn’t be an option. This is why there are pension schemes. Pension schemes offer you the opportunity to save a percentage of your income monthly or yearly throughout your career. The savings will eventually serve you during your retirement years. So, you need to make the right decision and start saving in a pension scheme. We discuss why you should save in the National Pension Scheme for NRIs.

You Reap The Benefits Of Investing Long-term

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Saving in a pension scheme is just like investing long-term. Your savings accumulate profit over time which then serve to provide a stable source of income after your retirement. This is why you need to do your research on the pension scheme before investing in it, as each scheme has different plans for you to explore.

You Get Access To Life Insurance Plans

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Another advantage of saving in a pension scheme is that some pension schemes offer the option of life insurance. If the insured faces death, a lump sum of money is paid to the family members of the insured or the predefined nominee.

You Get Access To Emergency Funds

Depending on the type of pension scheme you invest in, you’re allowed to make predefined adjustment to your pension plan. Hence, you can have access to funds in the case of emergencies. The types of emergencies that can warranty this access will have been clearly stated.

You Get Tax Relief On Your Income

Before saving in a pension scheme, your whole income gets taxed. However, when you start investing in a pension scheme, that portion of income that goes to the pension scheme will not be taxed. Thus, the amount you pay as tax gets significantly lower. You should note however that the amount that won’t be taxed has a limit.

You Get Multiple Options For Payment

Most pension schemes offer you a great deal of flexibility on how you pay into the schemes. You can either decide to save a huge porrion of your income at once and start receiving annuity payments. You can also decide to have a deferred annuity plan which gives your savings more time to earn more interest before you start getting the payouts.


Investing in a pension scheme is not something you should debate doing. You have to plan for your life after retirement, and it all starts by determining what pension scheme to invest in. We discuss why you should save in the National Pension Scheme for NRIs.

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