Well Wishes For Retirement – For A Happy Life Ahead

well wishes for retirement

When it comes to wishing someone for their retirement, it is necessary to express your good wishes by choosing the right words. Retirement is a life event that can come with a lot of emotions for a lot of employees. The day will be filled with excitement, smiles, tears, and uncertainty, and will carry a lot of memories with a future full of responsibilities. So, expressing your well wishes to the person is good to make the retiring person feel good for the life ahead.

Well Wishes For Retirement

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A retirement card gives the opportunity to everyone to express their good wishes to the retiree as it is something that they will probably keep and treasure for years. Having a great retirement party full of banners and posters is great however, these are not something that a retiree can keep, unlike a retirement card. And so, writing a perfect retirement card with the right words that express your good wishes is very important.

Tips For Writing A Retirement card

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Talk about the person’s contributions

Let the retiree know that their commitment, hard work, and contribution have not gone unnoticed but have influenced everyone and have made a difference. If the retiree has dedicated many years of their life, then this point should be definitely covered in the card.

Consider the retiree

If the retiree is a person who’s close to you, then you can make it more personal by bringing up old and some unforgettable memories with them. This could be a funny moment, an inside joke, a time when the two of you worked together, or a conversation. However, if you are not very close to the retiree then stick to a more generic congratulatory and well-wishing note.

Think about what retirement means for the retiree

Retirement can be an exciting phase but for some it may be an uncertain period. So, talk about the positive things by mentioning traits that you admire of the retiree and how they helped or influenced you. you may remind them of the things that they will miss such as stressful deadlines, staff meetings, or production goals. Also, do not forget to mention the things that the retiree can look forward to.

What Not To Write In A Retirement Card?

Never compare yourself with the retiring person to show how well you connect with them. This may not be received as you intend it to be because everyone is different and some may not like their traits, achievements, and contributions to be compared with anyone.

Do not include terms that convey retirement is best for them as someone who’s retiring due to difficult circumstances may not feel good about it. Also including sarcastic phrases must be avoided unless you know the retiree well.

Never mention that the retiree was old and was unable to do the job consistently even if it was true. Keep in mind that it’s their last day so it will be better to leave on a happy note.


If you are writing a retirement card for a person who may or may not be close to you, you must ensure that your words do the talking effectively. For this, it is necessary to follow certain tips to help you write a perfect note.

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