Variations Of Retirement Age

State Pension Age: You Need To Know About It

A person reaches an age limit where they have to retire and take rest from busy work. Retirement age is the average age where a person has to leave work for resting. The social welfare has provided age limits for a person to work for a company, be it private or public. These limits are to be followed by every individual. The government can seize the company violating the law according to rules. There are various countries with various age requirements for a person to retire.

Retirement Age Variations
Variations Of Retirement Age

Retirement Age: Different Countries

The age limit for retirement is different in different countries. However, the maximum age that the company allows to work in any country is seventy. The minimum age for retirement is fifty. The health issues make these age limits of the employee. If the employee can work just like any other junior employee, the age limit extends. However, an employee who has reached the retirement age, and still is willing to work for the company can be acceptable extra days, but looking at their health results.

Retirement Age: Limits

The age of a person decides the retire schedule. However, a person can semi-retire in their own will after the age limit exceeds.

Austria- 65

Belgium- 65

Cambodia- 60

India- 60

Switzerland- 65

Thailand- 50

United States- 62

United Kingdom- 68

Switzerland- 64


These were the few countries with their age to retire planning. Different states have different age values before an employee retires. The work performance of individual employees detects if the person is eligible for pension or not. However, there are various paper works for applying for pensions and getting what they deserve. The average retirement age in the United States is 62. However, the age limit is extending to 67 due to the semi-retired employees who will work for the company.

Retirement Age Variations
Variations Of Retirement Age

Retirement Age: Countries like USA, Sweden, And Thailand


The USA is a state where the minimum age limit for a person to retire is sixty-two. The maximum age for a person to retire is sixty-seven. However, according to researches, more than five percent of the employees work even after exceeding the age of seventy. Mostly, because of their will to work for the company. Apart from their will, the health’s of these employees are perfectly fine for them to work actively and nonchalantly.


Sweden is a free country where an employee actively participates in helping the company to grow. The minimum age for a person to retire in Sweden is sixty-one, and the maximum period is sixty-five. However, there is still one percent of the employees who work even after exceeding seventy. Furthermore, these employees might have experience which the company needs. Nevertheless, the health of the employee matters to keep them working.

Thailand is a country where the minimum age to retire is fifty, less than any other country which follows the retirement protocol. The maximum period is sixty. Thailand is very cautious about its law and research shows; there are no employees who exceed their work age limit. However, a person retires on time even if they are capable of working.

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