Health Benefits Of Acupressure Foot Wear

Top 10 Health Benefits of Acupressure Foot Wear

The Health Benefits of Acupressure is a technique used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that is quite similar to acupuncture. Instead of needles, instruments or fingers apply direct pressure on specific points of the body to alleviate symptoms or to support various organs or systems of the body.

Acupressure is widely prevalent in Asia, but the Western medical establishment hasn’t entirely accepted it. Part of the reason is that Western medicine uses science as the predominant method for determining whether a practice or therapy is effective. For most of the acupressure’s history, it has relied on non-scientific word of mouth for its positive reputation.

In recent years, however, both Eastern and Western medicine have worked together to test the efficacy of this form of physical therapy scientifically. Today I’m going to share some of the current findings on this ancient practice. In particular, I want to focus on chronic conditions that may benefit from this safe and natural practice.

We often overlook the fact that our legs carry our body’s weight. That is to say that the entire burden and fatigue of the day falls upon the feet. Naturally, this leads to various problems of the joints and knees and the bones.

What a painfully familiar story – you’d love to go for a pleasant walk, but because of your sore, aching feet (back, hips and knees), you instead settle in on the couch. Those sneaky pounds begin collecting in all the least attractive, usual places because of your sedentary lifestyle. Because of lack of exercise and extra pounds, the pain in your poor feet (hips, back, and knees) continues to get worse and worse. You might want to add to this drama, sneaky old age and arthritis, and there you have one of the saddest and most common tales, ever.

Health Benefits Of Acupressure: Reflexology Sandals

Modern science and healing treatments have introduced the benefits of health through acupressure in shoes. There are two types of technology to implement in acupressure shoes:

  1. Shoe soles which are built with magnets, to bring forth the acupressure health benefits.
  2. Shoe soles which are enabled with thermal control plates introduce the acupressure factor in the slippers or shoes
Top 10 Health Benefits of Acupressure Foot Wear
Top 10 Health Benefits of Acupressure Foot Wear

Health Benefits Of Acupressure: 

Various Pains:

There is some preliminary evidence that acupressure can effectively reduce lower back pain.

It can also reduce post-operative pain and trauma and headache. Illnesses caused due to other medical conditions may also improve with the help of acupressure. As far as a headache is concerned, the pressure is applied to the healing point


Studies show that by using acupressure on patients who have arthritis, the sensation of inflammation in the joints can be reduced considerably. The scientific reason stated behind this is acupressure application releases endorphins that are capable of generating anti-inflammatory effects in the joints, thus reducing the suffering in arthritis patients.

Depression And Anxiety:

Numerous studies conducted on various people have shown that acupressure can successfully reduce fatigue, depression, and anxiety and improve the mood of an individual.

Pre And Post Pregnancy Nausea

Product Suggested:

Top 10 Health Benefits of Acupressure Foot Wear
Health Benefits Of Acupressure Foot Wear

These slippers have been a wonderful gift for my grandmother, who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. With acupoint massage on the sole area of the feet, this provides much-needed relief.

It is said that a person can realign their life by realigning their feet, and you will know it’s true when your own feet become walking testimony for Walk Fit. You’ll find your back and shoulders are (for the first time?) supported and aligned, lower back pain is relieved, hips are balanced for ease of movement, stress on knee joints is reduced, and healthily cradled feet provide improved stability. In other words, you’ll once again be able to do a hundred things that you’d said a tearful goodbye to. You’ll be walking back without pain.

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