Things We Should Write In Retirement Wish Card

retirement wishes card

Retirement is a great event that comes in each professional’s life. Further, they bring a mix of emotions like smiles and tears, excitement and uncertainty, a career full of memories, and a future full of possibilities with them. This is a special phase in everyone’s life when that person completes their working period of life. Retirement cards are most popular with people when giving your best wishes to a person whose job period has come to an end. It becomes more special for that person when you add your message to a retirement card, and it’s a golden opportunity to emphasize the positives and make your recipient feel good about both past and future. We should always Keep reading for writing tips and inspiration to help you make a person happy with your message. Whether you’re writing to a colleague, friend, or family member, there are some ideas written below to help you in that like:

Simple Congratulations

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A simple congrats message can be just right after the card itself has already said a lot. When you have a strictly business kind of relationship with the retiree, you should behave formally. You should congratulate that person with a simple set of messages that are not awkward to write or awkward to read.

Retirement Humour:

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When you and the retiree are close friends, and that person is close to your heart because of your bond with the person. In that case, it is advised to write jokes on retirement or mention any funny incident in that card with both of you. It will make that person smile and make that card memorable for him. It is a great combination of wish with humor in it.

Appreciation And Legacy:

It is very important to appreciate the retiree for the amount of work he has done in the organization, and there should be the mention of the legacy which that person holds with himself. Through this approach, you can make that person proud of himself, and he can feel good about the work he has done for the organization. In addition, it makes him realize the importance of him as a human resource for the company.

Miss You And Keep In Touch:

In any message, one most important thing is mentioning the amount of miss you will have that person in your life. When a person is close to the heart and leaves your life, you start missing that person badly. So it is very important to state this in a retirement wish card.


In the end when a person retires from any work, it is his fellow workers who have to make that retiree happy about his retirement so that he can live his or her own life in some peace with the memories of his workplace and his co-workers and can enjoy the days left in his life at work. Also, you must tell the retiree how thankful you are for their service. Do share what you have learned from them as it will prove to be a great satisfaction to them.

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