Saving Is The Foundation Of Fortune! Start Saving Money At Home With This Amazing Gadget!

Love saving coins? Now save them in style with this coin saver. Featuring the famous ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ character design, this coin bank will help you save your hard-earned allowance money in the most adorable way possible. Start a family fund with kids and let them enjoy the excitement of counting the coins. This coin bank is tall enough to accommodate a lot of coins. This mini ATM is durable, affordable, and convenient to use.

My Neighbor Totoro Coin Saver

Today everything has gone digital – from depositing money to collecting it via ATM. With all this, kids may miss out on the enjoyment and excitement that comes from putting coins in their coin bank. Fortunately, you can help them or yourself save money in a fun way with this ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ coin saver. Featuring a design inspired by the infamous Japanese animated character, this coin bank will bring in the old memories. If you are giving it to your kid, he or she will learn how to save money while enjoying the excitement that lies in accumulating the coins. 

Saving money is crucial and nothing can be a more adorable way for kids to save than this coin saver. Made from high-quality and durable PVC, this piggy bank is a perfect long-lasting item. It is one of the most sought-after and highest-selling coin banks in Japan and the rest of the world. This coin ATM is over 7 inches tall and hence is quite roomy to gather enough coins.  It has a lid at the bottom that is used to open and close the piggy bank.  Take this coin saver for the kiddo you love the most and he/she is sure to love it!

This figural coin bank also makes for stunning decor in any room. Keep it with other decor items such as vases, candles, etc. and no one will ever come to know that it’s actually a piggy bank. You can also use it to store small currency notes. Something that’s perfect to update your figurine collection!

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Pros Of My Neighbor Totoro Coin Saver

  • Made of solid and superior-quality PVC.
  • A cute item also perfect for decoration.
  • Can accumulate several coins and small currency notes.
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Cons Of My Neighbor Totoro Coin Saver

  • This coin saver may not store large banknotes. 


Kids love saving money and nothing can be a fun and adorable way to do that than this coin bank. This ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ coin saver has a cute cartoon character design that children will love. As the piggy bank is made from solid PVC and is tall enough, it is an ideal piece to rely on when it comes to saving money. You can also use the coin bank as decor or add it to your existing figurine collection. It is also suitable for small currency notes; just fold the notes and put them inside!

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