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Development and research results in many technological innovations, which can make everyone’s life easier. From e-newspapers to digital lockers, these technological advancements have proved to be very helpful. These days cloud storage has become a very popular attraction among people who want to store something important. They are called digital lockers, E-vault, etc. E-vault coin saver, electronic password coin, or money saver can be a perfect gift for adults and children who want to save money. You can have access to these digital lockers from anywhere, irrespective of your physical location. From your license to passwords, jewelry pictures, nominee details, financial documents, you can store everything in it. Also, things stored will be easily accessible and safe. If you are unable to find a perfect money saver, then this Evault coin saver can indeed be beneficial to you. 

You should not wait. Just start saving up all your money in an organized manner with this Evault coin saver. You will indeed be thankful later. If you are still not sure, then get more information about this Evault coin saver below. Read more to know about the pros, cons, and some important specifications of E-vault coin saver. 

Still, Confused About Buying This Amazing Evault Coin Saver? Then, Know More. 

You should use such kind of money saver as they can be beneficial to you. You can easily store money in it, and then you will not need to take your money to the bank. It is a secure way of saving money. You can buy this Evault coin saver from here at the best quality and affordable price. 


  • Brand Name: LemonBest
  • Model Number: 888
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Material: ABS
  • Battery: 3×AA (not included) 
  • Name: ATM password money box electronic piggy bank.
  • Size: 19.2*13.8*13.2cm
  • Quality: Premium quality includes a large space to store money
Graphical user interface


  • If you are storing all your financial documents in this Evault coin saver, then all your documents are safe. And, you can have access to these documents anytime without taking a hardcopy with you. If you store your financial documents in it, you can find them easily at one go. 
  • It includes no financial fraud. You will observe that at some touchpoints, documents get compromised. But this E-vault includes various technological methods. It includes authentication procedures and does not allow anyone else to access your data. 
  • These lockers are extremely convenient. You can have access to it any time, anywhere. If you want your documents to be on the move, then you can see them just with a few clicks. 
  • You can also activate this Evault with your voice, and it will be a great experience. You can change the password anytime; therefore, it is hassle-free. 
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  • Sometimes, it becomes difficult to push the coins in, and in this pushing process, it tends to break. 
  • It is not preferable if you have tons of change and many transactions. 


This Evault coin saver is indeed the best option to save money, especially for children. Your child will develop money-saving habits. You should buy this Evault coin saver for a brilliant experience.

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