Russian Retirement Age – Tips To Have A Sound Post Retirement Life

russian retirement age

Did you know that in the year 2018, the retirement age in Russia was about 60 years? But since the year 2019, the Russian retirement age has been increased to 60.5 years. It has gone up to 65 years which is due to remain the same in 2028. It is an amazing fact that in Russia, you don’t need to retire as soon as you are 60, and you will be able to stay in the employment dream zone for a long time. But even after retirement, you will be able to lead an amazing life which will also be a moment of leisure. Now you must understand the tips so that you can have a calm and composed post-retirement life. 

Daily Routine Improvement

A common habit that society teaches us is that the post-retirement moment is going to be very boring for you. You know how to create the perfect morning routine when your entire day will go delightfully. Most of the experts say that you should not sleep next to your phone and instead try talking to your spouse or your beloved before you sleep. In the morning, you should start with breathing exercises and express your gratitude for everything you have achieved. You should get enough sleep for about 8 hours and practice drinking about 2.5 liters of water every day. Along with that, you should also have a healthy breakfast and exercise regularly. 

Keep A Journal Of Gratitude.

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If you want to appreciate the small things in life, you should write a gratitude journal as a part of your morning routine. It would be best to practice the art of gratitude because it will keep you happy and productive. The micro-moments of being very thankful will become a habit, and soon you will learn how to be happy.

Plan Your Goals

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If you want to impact lives, even post-retirement positively, you should have some goals. Take time to write them down, and you will be able to experience the power. The most successful people spend about 19 hours planning in a single year. Just because you are out of your job does not mean that you cannot start a new form of entrepreneurship. Evaluate your current situation and how you can create it into an ideal situation. 

Clarity About Your Surroundings

There are different stages after retirement like the honeymoon stage, disenchantment stage, reorientation stage, and stability stage. In the honeymoon stage, you are feeling the freedom of work, and there is a sense of liberation. In the next stage, you are no longer happy about your free time, and you want to engage in some activity. In the orientation stage, you need to re-evaluate your life and figure out what is going to be the best for you. At last, you will have to accept your retirement identity, and your life will fall into a routine. 


Now that you have an idea about the Russian retirement age as well as the tips for a better life, you do not have to look back. 

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