State Pension Age: You Need To Know About It

Retirement is the process where an employee has completed their time in the company. Retirement generally occurs when a person reaches an age of sixty years. Once the person exceeds the age limit, he or she turns into a senior citizen, and are then eventually retires. A retired person is the one who has worked for the maximum time in the company and has served their means to help the company improve.


The Entire Process

There is a lot of processes through which a person is terms or states retires. The main reason for a person to retire is the age factor. After a person exceeds the age limit, a person has the right to withdraw from the monotonous work. However, a person has the right to semi-retire. Semi-retire means that a person is unofficially working for the company. There are exceptional cases that apply to an employee which make the process of semi-retiring easier. The ones who semi-retires, work for fewer hours and helps them gather their workspace. A person has to go through different paper works before retiring properly from a particular company. Some people willingly retire from their jobs while others retire forcefully due to adverse health conditions. 


Retirement: In different Countries

There are different age limits in different countries for retirement. The age of a person decides when a person retires and schedule it. However, a person can semi-retire in their own will after the age limit exceeds.

Austria- 65

Belgium- 65

Cambodia- 60

India- 60

Switzerland- 65

Thailand- 50

United States- 62

United Kingdom- 68

Switzerland- 64


These were the few countries with their age of retirement planning. Different states have different age values before an employee retires. The work performance of individual employees detects if the person is eligible for pension or not. However, there are various paper works for applying for pensions and getting what they deserve. In the United States, the average age to retire is 62. However, the age limit is extending to 67 due to the semi-retired employees who will work for the company.

Retirement: Factors Affecting

There are many factors which affect the resignation of a person. One of the main factors being Social security. A person starts to deteriorate health-wise after they reach the age of 60. The body weakens and doesn’t allow one to support the pressure in work. However, people with good health, don’t retire early and can work for a few more years before retirement. A company approves its appeal after looking at their health conditions.  These fall under the protocol of every company.

These were the few necessary facts that one needs to know about retirement. The process is not long, but yet is one of the most crucial decisions of an employee. If a person who offers to become semi-retire doesn’t support the health, the government denies semi-retirement as they have to retire fully. A person whose health supports them in their time of retirement can work for a more extended period in the company.

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