Inspirational Retirement Wishes for Your Employees

inspirational retirement wishes

Inspirational retirement wishes for those leaving the workforce must be positive and upbeat. Retirement is a time to enjoy your life, not to think about the past. Retirement can be hard work but the rewards make it well worth it.

An Overview

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To top off your inspirational retirement wishes you should write a short note to your family members to tell them that you are leaving the workforce behind and that you will cherish every moment of your golden years. Many people struggle to let go of the people they work with every day but that doesn’t mean you have to. You may even find that you want to talk to those closest to you about retiring. It’s important to know that your friends and family will support you in whatever you do and help you through the tough times. Retirement is a big change, so you will need all the help you can get.

Write Uniquely


When you are writing your inspirational retirement wishes, you may want to share some religious retirement wishes as well. There are many religious based retirement messages out there and some of them can be quite touching. If you are religious and want to share some inspiring words of wisdom with those you will be retiring too, that’s great. You may want to write religious retirement messages that give comfort to those who will be retiring. Just remember to relay them in a positive way so you don’t offend anyone.

Motivational retirement wishes for those leaving the workplace can be written about luck, health, and happiness. Your new outlook on life can make all the difference when you are retiring. You may be very fortunate to live a lifetime of health and happiness now but what about your family? Writing about your family in retirement can make it easier for them to transition into their new lifestyle and enjoy the luck and opportunities that come along with it.

Dramatic Messages

Some inspirational messages can be quite dramatic. These kinds of messages tend to capture people’s attention. An artist may create an original oil painting on canvas of a portrait of themselves when they are retiring. If you have children, you may want to use pictures from your son or daughter’s early years to capture your children when they were young. These types of portraits can last for a lifetime. You can always have these as prints and hang them in your home to remind you of how special your life was while you were working.

Sometimes it is important to say thank you to those who have supported you during your career. It is always nice to receive a note of thanks from someone who has been loyal to you through thick and thin. Your family members and friends are the ones who will be really grateful to you for giving them a good luck when you decided to retire. This is a perfect time to send them the message of gratitude you have for their love and support over the years.

Congratulations Message

You can also send the message of congratulations to your close friends and family celebrating your retirement. They will surely welcome the news that you are about to embark on another adventure in life. If you are retiring as a whole, you can send your entire family statements and pictures of you as a happy family. Having this kind of information would surely bring lots of warmth to your family especially during this very special retirement day.


If you have kids, you can send them the birthday wishes for their birthdays during your retiring period. As the parent, you can share some words of wisdom to them on how to deal with changing times and the changing economy. These are all wonderful things that you can do as a way of motivating your employees to accept the changes with open hearts and minds. Inspirational retirement messages help you stay positive even during the transition period. After all, this is also the time for you to enjoy retirement and rest in peace knowing that all the efforts you have made for years would not go to waste.

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