Minimum Pension Determined

Min Pension: A Fixed Amount
Min Pension: A Fixed Amount
Min Pension: A Fixed Amount

Pension is the amount one receives from their place of work after their retirement. The government employees are provided with a high amount of allowances for serving the Government for almost a lifetime. However, some public sector officials receive pensions as well. The private sector employees don’t receive pensions from the company. Min Pension is the minimum pension one receives from their workplace mainly during early retirement pension. It is the amount one can withdraw from their pension account every financial year.

Minimum Pension: Why Is It Set By The Government?

Min Pension: A Fixed Amount
Min Pension: A Fixed Amount

The Government sets the Min Pension for every financial year. The process occurs to fix a specific rate of withdrawal from a retired employees account. The scheme of setting a limit to the amount is beneficial for both the employee and the Government. Government schemes include providing the amount of money to the retired employee to a specific threshold. Once one utilizes the amount from the account, there will be no further transfer from the company. It is the main reason for a person to withdraw money wisely. The Pension account closes due to the following reasons:

  •  One uses all the amount in the pension account
  • There is no payment made
  • The amount is converted into a lump sum
  • When the employee receiving the pension dies. However, if there is an heir or a family member who is embedded to collect the leftover cash, they are given the amount left.


A person, after retiring from active work life, receives pensions from the Government or the company to live their further life with much ease. However, some individual employees receive high pension amounts due to their ranking in the workplace. These employees have to pay tax even after retiring. The taxation department calculates the charges. One has to pay a certain amount of money to the Government to clear their tax records. If one fails to collect the minimum pension within the last date, they are deprived of the right of free tax. The amount they withdraw after that will include tax invocations.

Min Pension: Payment Factors

There are certain factors which one looks after before calculating the min pension. These factors depend on a budget of the current financial year. The elements are calculated in percentage, which is used for calculating an employee’s minimum pension during the present financial year.

Age of the Employee                                               Percentage factor

Under the age of 65                                                         4%

Between 65 to 74                                                              5%

From 75 to 79                                                               6%

Between 80 to 84                                                               7%

From 85 to 89                                                               9%

Between 90 to 95                                                               11%

Above 95                                                                              12%

These are the percentage factors which the Government uses to calculate the min pension allotted to the employees, respectively.

The min pension one receives from the Government is a way to save money even after retirement. One can keep more from clearing the taxes from the beginning. If one fails to do so, they are penalized with tax included pensions, which decrease the amount one receives.

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