Here Are Some Fun Stickers For Personalizing Your Journal Or Scrapbook Throughout The Years!

A sticker is a type of label item. It is made of many materials, such as paper, vinyl, plastic, and many more. It has pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side for quickly taking place anywhere. The primary function of stickers is the decoration of journals, scrapbooks, notebooks, plastic boxes, walls, cars, windows, doors, and many more. Calendar symbol stickers are best for easily identifying the day, week, month, and years. Children learn so much from these stickers quickly.   Stickers come in a lot of shapes, designs, colors, shapes, and many more.

Today, everyone uses stickers to make their artwork attractive and innovative. WOKO designed these calendar stickers mainly for children above the age of above three years. These stickers are made up of transparent PVC, which provides the characteristic of the die-cut and waterproof. These stickers’ size is very suitable for easy seeing by every eye. The function of applying these stickers is simple. It comes in a combination of black and white color. You can get these amazing calendar symbol stickers for the stationery collection to get your artwork done or be used in journals and scrapbooks.


·    Brand name: WOKO is the best brand for calendar symbol stickers for stationery collections.

·         Model number: Its product model number is WOKO-TZ-LO1.

·         Age: it’s best for >3 years old.

·         Shape: It is the primary calendar for the week plan date number.

·         Material: The sticker is made up of transparent PVC,

·         Characteristics: it is die-cut and waterproof.

·         Size: Its size is 11cm*16cm.

·         Quantity: It has eight sheets/ lot.

·         Pattern: It comes in a number/week/good words/small icons/years pattern.

·         Weight: Its weight is 48.8g.

·         Colour: it comes in black and wight.

·         Style: it is functional and simple.

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·     The WOKO calendar symbol sticker is made up of transparent PVC, die-cut, and waterproof.

·   A Black and white sticker is best to quickly identify the number, days, months, and years.

·         Its size is very suitable for easy seeing by every eye.

·     It is best for the child’s early age to learn the name of day and month quickly.

·         It’s based on a simple, functional system.

·         It is the best activity for the child to enhance the IQ level of the child.

·         It is best for making the journals and scrapbooks beautiful.

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·      After some time, the stickers are automatically removed from their place, by adhesive has become loose.

·         These stickers are not helpful for wall work.

·         It comes in only two colors and one size.

·         It is mainly designed for children above three years.


The calendar symbol sticker for stationary collection is best for enhancing the IQ level. It is beneficial for the child to learn the names of months and weeks quickly. Its size is very suitable for seeing by every eye quickly. Its stickers also help to enhance the beauty of the place where you placed their stickers. It has an elementary function for use.

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