Fake Money For Learning

Fake Money For Learning About Bank Notes

In 1914, in honour of Benjamin Franklin, the first $100 gold foil banknotes were introduced. It is the replica of the U.S. $100 note that has got changed now. The new bill includes a distinctive security feature. However, fake money is still in use. There are considered props for various productions. Also, they can be regarded as a plaything that’s what makes it printing again possible. But they are disposable notes that can only be used for learning about U.S. currency. If you wish to have the same fake money or gold foil bank notes, then get it here quickly.

Fake Money / Gold Foil Bank Notes

It’s phoney money that’s also called as counterfeit money. The exact imitation of currency has no legal sanction from the government or state. It is a plated copy of western funds. Before the outline of paper money, the fake note has a varied metal base of clean silver or gilt. Also, today people call the counterfeit banknotes “superdollars” made of high-quality material. Thus, it is similar to that of the real US dollar. Traditionally, the real notes include fine details along with intaglio printing, which is absent in counterfeit money.

Fake Money Specifications

Every imitation of banknotes contains gold-plated cover with the printing of a realistic $1. The fake money or gold foil banknotes are used for craft purposes and are decorative. You can have one such banknote to gift your loved ones, such as family members or friends on their birthday or special event. Gold banknotes use genuine 24 crate or 24K antique gold-foil.

Fake Money Package Includes

All-in-all the package contains eight fake money foil banknotes of one, five, ten, twenty, fifty, and hundred dollars. They appear realistic when you take a close look. However, they are only useful as long as you want to learn about old notes.

Fake Money Gold Foil Bank Notes Features

Ideas For Usage

The gold-foil one-dollar banknotes have a golden color that quickly displays. This decorative stuff found useful in the financial field. You can buy it and slip under your office table glass covers. Or else hang on the wall. In addition to this, also used to cover books, notebooks, open file containers, and folders. Some of the people connect gold with prosperity and great wealth. Psychologically, if you have such un-realistic money, it will encourage and allow you to stay smart with your finances.

Practical Side

Even though un-realistic money has no real value, it represents a real currency. Printed as realistic to imitate like real money. They are best to offer as good gifts on birthdays to appreciate the individual. The colored-gold foil banknotes made using all types of paper and used for decorative purposes. It offers aesthetic value to crafting or gives value to your house.

You can make a purchase here and expect the delivery within 24 hours at the time of order. They come in limited edition, so make a decision quickly.  

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