Everything To Know About Massachusetts Teacher Pension And Survivor Benefits

massachusetts teacher pension

Being a teacher in the states brings you a lot of matters to be concerned about. While you may be a part of the Massachusetts teachers’ retirement plan, you need to be aware of the various policies it holds. Knowing the policies and procedures will keep you prepared for future requirements. We thought of bringing you some important details and survivor benefits regarding the Massachusetts teacher pension. Keep reading further to get every single detail that matters.

Massachusetts Teacher Pension – Types Of Retiree Survivor Benefits

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A survivor or retired member is entitled to no benefit, monthly member-survivor benefit, or a single lump-sum payment. The benefit for a survivor would be dependent on the following conditions:

The choice of retirement allowance options by the member.

Relationship between the member and the survivor.

The type of beneficiary specified by the member and the MTRS Beneficiary Designation form of the person whom the member named as beneficiary.

The fact that the member applied for accidental disability benefits before or after November 7, 1996. In case they retired under accidental disability.

When the member retires, they have to choose one of the three retirement benefit options available. These options can be distinguished on the basis of the amount paid to the member during his retirement and whether someone else is entitled to those benefits after the member dies. Therefore, the payment of any survivor benefits is determined by the member’s choice.

Types Of Retirement Benefit Options

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You get three retirement benefit options, which are mentioned below:

Option A:

The retiree gets the highest possible retirement allowance with this option. However, it does not provide any benefits for the survivor. If the retiree earns any benefits in the month of his death but was not issued to him, these benefits will be prorated on the basis of the number of days that the retiree lived in that month. This amount is then paid in a lump sum to the designated beneficiary.

Option B:

Under this option, the allowance given to the retiree is 1% lesser than Option A. According to this option, survivor benefit includes lump-sum payment of any remaining balance of the annuity savings account of the retiree. Generally, the annuity account of the member depletes after 10-12 years of the date of his retirement.

Option C:

Under this retirement option, the allowance paid is 9-11% less than option A to the retiree while they live. However, it includes monthly benefits for the survivor for the rest of their life. This monthly amount is 2/3rd of the amount of retiree’s benefit when they died.

Based on the options that the retiree chooses, their spouse or other immediate family members or beneficiaries are entitled to survivor benefits.


There are three types of retirement benefit options. The one, the retiree, chooses at the time of retirement affects Massachusetts teacher pension and benefits for the rest of their lives. Based on this guide, you will be able to make appropriate decisions and secure your future and that of your family.

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