Decorate Your Project Or Wall With This Classy Envelopes Stationary Stickers! Stick Them Anywhere!

If you are looking for cute decor items that can look Vintage and something that comes from the days you used to send letters. The paper would feature a beautiful vintage print and that would showcase the beauty itself. Some people might not find it comfortable to locate a proper wall decor that would improve the Vibe of the room and it gets more difficult when you are looking for something Vintage. In this article, we have discussed about the classy onvelope that come with stationery stickers you can use to find out how creatively you can decorate your room. 

Vintage Classy Mail/Envelopes Stationery Stickers

This vintage stationery set is right for giving your message a special touch. Use it like paper or printer paper, it’s your choice. The simple design makes it usable in both portrait and landscape orientations. made up of high-quality paper and self-adhesive, you’ll stick them anywhere. Comes in vintage colors and designs which can surely look complementary on any project. Very nice print and details, the stickers look hand-painted and in watercolor style. Classic vintage antique design stationery papers with 60 antique looking envelopes, comes in six different unique looks. Vintage paper made up of 100 GSM for durability. Paper is handwriting and printer-friendly. Perfect for home decoration, ancient maps, unique looking invitations, aged certificates, poetry scrolls, old looking documents, old-style font menus, aged-looking letters, and much more. Buy your Vintage Classy Mail/Envelopes Stationery Stickers and decorate your wall today.


  • Material: Paper
  • Size: 3-4 cm
  • Colour [01]: 120pcs Stationery Kit
  • Shape: Box
  • Installation Type: Peel And Stick
Engineering drawing


Following are the pros of using vintage classy mail/envelopes: – 

  • Using this type of stickers makes it feel like you’re sending an envelope during the 1900s. 
  • Gives a very nostalgic feeling to the days when mails and envelopes were our only methods of communication. 
  • If the message is written with a calligraphy pen like in the old days then it is enough for making someone’s day.


Following are the cons of using vintage classy mail/envelopes: – 

  • Since nobody nowadays uses mail there really is no need for this type of envelope. 
  • You have to to select from the design available and considering the usage, there are not much of choices available.


This type of envelope can be used if someone gets very nostalgic about the times when mails were common. Purchasing better stationery products and finding out which one will look better even as a decor could be difficult. Even if you find a two in one product, you cannot spot a better design. In such cases, this product comes to the rescue and gives a solution for all your design issues. If you are going to the hospital or staying in a room alone, these stationery products could be the cute little things surrounding you.

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