Comprehensive Guide To Social Security Full Retirement Age

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One day everyone has to leave their workplace where you have worked hard, laughed, made friends, met new people, ate, spent years forever. This is everyone’s wish to make their best retirement. Planning is key to this. Make your retirement plans at the initial stages and achieve your retirement goals then. When one thinks about retirement, social security can’t be ignored. It means a lot to many. Social security replaces some of the pre-retirement income’s part based on your earnings. It is based on your earnings of 35 years and varies with how much you earn and want to start benefits. In short, your taxes during work are posted to social security retirement age time. The tax money is used to benefit those people who have retired, are disabled, etc. Security trust funds are being set up to pay monthly benefits to you when you start receiving social security full retirement age. 

Eligibility For Social Security Full Retirement Benefits 

You earn credits when the social security taxes are paid by you. The no. of credits required to get the benefits of social security depends on your birth date. For example, 40 credits are needed if you’re born in 1929 or later. If in case you stop working before you have as many credits as needed to qualify for benefits, then the credits will be kept as rea cord on your social security. Whenever you return to work, more credits will be added.

Deciding When To Start Your Social Security Retirement Benefits


Well, choosing when to start benefiting your social security full retirement age depends totally upon you if you are eligible. If you start receiving your benefit amount before the social security full retirement age, then your amount will be deduced some percent; otherwise, not.

  • Full Retirement Age- Social security full retirement age is 66 if you were born from dufrom943 to 1954. This increases gradually
  • Early Retirement Age- You can start getting your social security full retirement age benefits as early as age 62. However s, some part of your social security amount may be deducted. 
  • Delayed Retirement Age- When you delay benefits of social security until the full retirement age, the amount of benefit will increase until your age is 70. Though there is no incentive to delay your benefit claim after age 70

Verify Your Earnings History And Make Future Plans

The amount, as you know, depends on the number of earnings that you show on record. Keeping a check on your social security earnings history ensures no surprises at the time of receiving benefits. 

 Your earnings history online. You can make your can calculations of retirement income and thus set goals according to it. 40 percent of pre-retirement income is received from social security.


Social security benefits one with great retirement pays. It is important to know about social security full retirement age to have its benefits.

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