Best Retirement Wishes From Friends

best retirement wishes

Best Retirement Wishes is one of those rare books that both the gurus and novices read. Authors Nancy C. Widmann, Robert Wegner, and Joseph Lora are retirees themselves, so they probably know what they’re talking about. In their book, they describe the kind of wishes you should have for yourself when you retire and they provide you with specific examples of how these wishes could affect your retirement.One of the best retirement wishes I ever heard was from my dad. He said to follow your dreams, enjoy your work, and accept whatever comes your way whether it’s criticism or celebration. The most interesting part of his retirement wishes was his emphasis on the word “take.”

Another example of retirement wishes from a coworker was, “I’ll miss you and hang in there. You were the light of my life when I worked here. Thank you for everything you did for me.” Wow, my mom may get very mad, but that coworker enjoyed every minute he had with me, including making me feel less lonely as I accepted to hang out with him and miss him even if he was bad company.

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I also learned that I am not the only person who is now ready to say goodbye to the rat race and hello to a happy retirement. The book described several other examples of people wishing for a great life ahead and now happily retired. I am thankful to these folks for giving me hope and encouragement. They have motivated me to finally start saving my own money so I could buy the house of my dreams.

Some of the best retirement wishes I received were from people who realized at some point that they didn’t deserve their good life and decided to go on a long vacation or a wonderful honeymoon. It is true that you may feel unwanted in your old age. You may feel unappreciated and unfulfilled. But many times, you will be given a second chance at life because someone gave you a second chance and treated you well enough that you want to come back.

Another thing that some of my best wishes from friends have done for me is motivated me to finally take the necessary actions toward financial freedom. I did not realize how much money I was wasting until I received a few thousand dollars of free money from a retirement plan I signed up for. After that, I never looked back.

Financial Independence Sooner

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Many of the best retirement messages I got came from co-workers and family members. Many of them said that they wished they had taken the steps toward financial independence sooner. Maybe, one day that same co-worker will write to thank me for all the things I did for them. I am sure that it will be a touching moment and I will always be touched by the thought that I helped them in one way or another during their golden years.

Final Verdict

The one thing that is most important about all of this is that you know that your life has meaning and that you are loved. That is what keeps you going. Even when your best wishes to your boss go unanswered, remember that there are other people out there who are relying on your help and are willing to pay for your actions. When it comes time to thank your boss, make it known to everyone that you are deeply appreciated and you are more than willing to do whatever it takes to please them.

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