4 Most Useful Tips To Write Retirement Farewell Wishes

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Retirement is a very significant moment in anyone’s life. If any of your colleagues are retiring, you should do every possible thing that can send them off right away. And one of the unique and most loved things you can do is to write them retirement farewell wishes. Now, you might be facing difficulty with what to write while giving them a farewell. So don’t worry, this article covers all the best ideas that will help you to make a message more memorable and special for your colleague.

Write The Most Memorable Retirement Farewell Wishes By Using These Tips

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While writing retirement farewell wishes for your colleague, make sure they contain the following subjects in them. Write these subjects step by step and make your colleague feel happy on their special day.

Congratulate Them On Retirement

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Retiring from a job is truly a big deal. And this is why it is important to put effort while writing retirement farewell wishes, so your coworkers feel celebrated and appreciated. First of all, congratulate them on achieving this milestone in life. You can start writing your wishes with words like “Happy Retirement” or “Congratulations on your retirement.” Make sure you keep this statement short so that you can have enough space to include a personal message. 

Acknowledge Their Achievements

Before you start writing a personal message, it would be nice to acknowledge the efforts and hard work they have done over all these years. You can list their career achievements and successes to make them feel that their hard work was being noticed. You can add general career achievements or successes you want to express on a more personal level.

Add A Personal Message

The best part of your wish can be this personal message where you can add some personal details about your relationship. Telling them how wonderful it has been working with them will make them happier than anything else. Also, you can write about what they have taught you, things you learned from them, how much you are gonna miss them, and what you liked most about having them as your colleague. Also, your wish can be more impressive if you add funny anecdotes because the more personal your message will be, the more they will appreciate and the happier they will be. 

Add A Future Retirement Wish

At the ending of your retirement message, you can write well wishes for their future. You can include words like:

  • Enjoy your retirement.
  • Good luck with your next adventure.
  • I wish you a fun, relaxing, and long retirement.
  • I wish you a lot of joy and happiness in beginning a new chapter in your life.

Along with this, you can hint towards the plans they made for the future, such as golfing, traveling, or other activities and hobbies they want to do on their retirement.


If you find trouble in choosing the right words, you can switch shoes and think about what you would want to hear from your colleague in retirement farewell wishes. Make your wish the best from them by writing things you want to hear on your retirement day, and it will be all good.

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